Políticas de reservación - Reservation Policies

To guarantee a reservation, we charge the first night of the reservation so we require for the client’s authorization to charge their credit card.

  • a. One night reservations and promotional rates are non-refundable.

  • b. In requiring the room before the check-in time (check in 3:00 p.m.) we suggest you to ensure your room by booking it a previous night.

  • c. For a late check-out (after 1:00 pm), we ask you to contact the reception staff to check for availability, you will be informed there if a charge applies. This option is available only during low season.

Políticas de cancelación - Cancelation Policies

  • a. All cancelations must be in writing and sent via e-mail to our office.

  • b. If your request complies with the cancellation and reservation policies, the corresponding amount will be refunded. In some cases, these policies may be subject to consideration as authorized by management and will be answer with a written response in all cases.

  • c. If you do not receive any mail in response to your request of cancellation within 48 hrs., we ask of you to contact us by phone.

  • d. Checking out before the date on the reservation is considered as cancellation in which case refunds do not apply.

Temporada baja - Low season

  • In case of cancelation in low season, the corresponding charge will apply according to the following policies.

  • a. Cancelation before 8 days of your check-in date will get 100% refund.

  • b. Cancelations after 8 days of the check-in date, a charge of 50% applies.

  • c. In some cases, these policies may be reconsidered as authorized by management.

Temporada alta - High season

  • Once the charge of the first night is done and a cancellation takes place afterwards, the amount charged will be according to the following policies:

  • a. High season cancellations such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Summer Holidays, July (Guelaguetza) and August as well as national holidays: September 16, February 5, March 21 and May 5 will incur a charge of 100% the total reservation

  • b. 20 days before check-in date cancellation, will be reimbursed 100% of the total amount of the reserved nights.

  • c. 15 days before check-in date, only 50% reimbursement applies.

  • d. 10 days before check-in date, 30% reimbursement applies.

  • e. This amount will be applicable to a later stay only valid within a year, subject to availability and does not apply in high season and public holidays

  • f. If you want to cancel 7 days before check-in date or instead of check-in do not arrive at the hotel, 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be charge. In case a previous payment or deposit, no refund applies neither for later stays.

  • g. For cancellations of a reservation made on any of the holidays mentioned above will be charged the full amount.

  • h. Cancelations during stay, there is a penalty of 100% of the nights canceled.

  • i. If the full stay is not covered, there are no refunds and in case of the pending charges 100 % charge per night cancelled applies at the Check-out time.

  • CHECK IN 3:00 PM

  • CHECK OUT 1:00 PM

  • *Penalty charge applies when vacating the room after check-out without previous authorization from the front desk personal. It does apply to the parking service as well.

  • Horario estacionamiento - Parking schedule

  • Open from 6:00 a.m to midnight, every day (Monday-Sunday) 365 days a year.

  • a. Just in case of requiring the use of the parking before 6:00 a.m. or after midnight, you can request the extra time with the parking staff a charge applies which is responsibility of the client´s payment.

  • b. The parking service includes valet service and overnight car pension

  • c. It is located a few blocks from the hotel, for this reason we suggest you request your car with a minimum of 15 minutes in advance so you do not have to wait.

  • d. Parking is included and expires along with the room, to request the use of parking after the check-out time, the extra payment has an additional hourly charge which must be covered directly with the parking staff.