About the hotel´s history

It is a house of adobe and quarry constructed over 400 years ago. Its colonial architecture make it one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the jewels of the historic center of Oaxaca.

Details ...

The details in green stone carved walls and windows plus the only balcony of forged blacksmith with skylights and arrowheads on the corner are just part of the beauty of this building also, it´s one of the few that still exist in the city.

Hotel Casa de Siete Balcones

It offers seven unique rooms, comfortable and decently furnished in an intimate space; admiring views from its colorful balconies intermixed with the majestic historical monuments in one of the best locations right in the heart of the historic center just a block and a half from the Zocalo and three blocks from Temple de Santo Domingo.

Enjoy your stay.

Our house has its doors open as a meeting point for you to enjoy a magnificent time with your loved ones as a couple, relatives reunion, or vacationing with friends. Also to celebrate unforgettable moments such as wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.